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Attending the Flea Market


It has been a long time since Long Island has had a real Flea Market, and it's long overdue. The event is not associated with any club, shop or organization and is open to all.


The SCUBA Flea Market is for everyone - from palm tree snorkelers, to the tech diving rebreather crowd or anyone interested in getting in to the sport for the first time.


It's a great way to spend the day for you or your kids, meet the dive community and dream about the coming dive season.






Selling at the Flea Market


Whether this is your first time renting a table or are a seasoned Flea Market Barron, Flea Markets are a great way to spend an enjoyable day, getting rid of some equipment you no longer need or use and an opportunity to meet fellow divers and water sportsman.


To request a table rental application form or get more information on setting up your first table, please contact:


(Linda)   pinkandh2o@yahoo.com







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